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Samsung VR

Boost Mobile partnered with Samsung to feature their Oculus VR goggles and Samsung S7 phone in an immersive, interactive experience.

The “We Are Where You At” campaign inspires and celebrates consumers pursuing their passions.

A custom VR app was created specifically for this campaign and it featured Boost’s brand ambassadors and celebrities.

Our challenge was to create a housing for the VR goggles that allowed consumers to fully experience Boost’s virtual reality content but prevented the goggles from walking away with a commuter.

Atomic also created the shelter insert that housed the goggles and various artifacts from popular Boost ambassadors.

Highlighted Services

With any interactive prop, there is always the concern of theft or damage. To curb our client’s concerns, we used a 3D model of the VR goggles to determine the strongest anchor points and how we can meet the needs of interactivity and security.