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Utopia Briefcase Billboard

Travis Scott kept his fans guessing when his highly anticipated new album would be released, with a cryptic OOH campaign that spanned months.

First, there were paparazzi photos of Travis Scott’s bodyguards, handcuffed to a brown briefcase that had ‘Utopia’ written across it. Then there was a series of billboards asking “Looking for Utopia?”, the next one you passed said “Psst….”, then the next one said “Wrong Way!”. After that, a billboard was posted above a liquor store that read “Is it in the liquor store?” accompanied by an analog clock that read 7:21. Next there was a billboard that showed the combination lock to the briefcase that hinted again at that “7-21” number. Lastly, (and where we came in) a billboard-sized Utopia briefcase with 3D handcuffs and a handle to bring the entire campaign full circle.

The 12ft tall handcuffs were CNC foam carved, hard-coated, and painted, with a graphic vinyl applied to the front surface. The 8ft long handle was also CNC foam carved, hard-coated, and painted.


The infamous Utopia briefcase 💼🌵👀 The final installation in a series of cryptic billboards hyping the highly anticipated release of Travis Scott’s newest album. He plans to unveil his Utopia album from the Egyptian Pyramids on July 28th 👀🇪🇬🐪 . . . . . . . . . #atomicprops #travisscott #utopiabillboard #utopia #travisscottutopia #3dbillboard #3dprops #ooh #iloveooh #adoftheday #ad #oohmarketing #billboardadvertising #custombillboard #cactusjack🌵 #travisscottfans #fyp #fypシ

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