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eBay + The Many

“The Final Touch” Sneaker Stand for eBay

Need to Know

When eBay partnered with pop artist, and Jordan Brand collaborator, Blue The Great, they needed a shop that could produce a run of 100 custom sneaker stands for a giveaway sweepstakes. This was Atomic’s first production run! We used cast molds that were designed from a 3D-printed prototype, and each sneaker stand was hand-painted with excruciating detail, with tiny vinyl cutouts for the eBay & Blue 22 logos!

We also produced fun custom packaging for these to ship in. The group of 100 was used for a social media giveaway put on by eBay. We fabricated an additional five solid-colored sneaker stands, that were auctioned on eBay with all proceeds going to Blue’s high school art program and one Gold painted one that will live on display at Blue’s high school as a trophy.