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Chanel, Kinetic

Chanel #TakeYourChance

Chanel came to us with the goal of creating an immersive experience for consumers to build a relationship with the luxury brand.

This transit shelter invited consumers to step up and create a GIF of themselves. In return, they were given a perfume sample with a voucher for a gift. Atomic provided a full turnkey solution for the Chanel client. We designed and fabricated the custom shelter topper and ad box that housed two screens, a ticket dispenser, and multiple computers. A custom coded application for the GIF maker was also developed entirely in-house.

Keeping this project in the house allowed us to have complete control over every aspect of the build and maintain an open line of communication with the client. MeasureOOH, Atomic’s audience analytics software, was installed to monitor audience engagement with the shelter.

Highlighted Services

Our involvement in this project was constant, as it should be. We assisted our client from conceptualization through installation ensuring the project was consistent with their creative vision.