Industry-leading installation partners

We have built a network of highly skilled and dedicated installation partners who are the best in the industry.  Our project managers work hand in hand with the installation team to provide a seamless delivery.  Atomic Prop’s team of installers can take care of any and all of your on-site field work and ensure any challenges are addressed immediately.

Multi-stop logistics, storage, and refurbishment.

Stressing about shipping, installation, and storage of your props?  Let us help.  We will coordinate shipping from our facility in St.Paul, Minnesota to your desired location – anywhere in the world. Is your prop making a nationwide tour? We can ensure your project gets to its next destination safely and on schedule – all while having a ground team ready to receive it. We offer many other post-production services as well.

Launch Capabilities

  • Installation Planning

  • Unloading & Assembly Instructions

  • Installation

  • Transportation Planning

  • Shipping & Freight

  • Multi-stop Logistics

  • Disassembly & Deconstruction

  • Prop Storage & Refurbishment

  • Maintenance Recommendations