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our capabilities

Brand Activation & Installation

Industry-Leading Installation Partners.

Whether it’s an Atomic team or local contractors, we’ve built a network of highly skilled, dedicated installation partners who are the best in the industry. Our project managers work hand in hand with the installation team to provide seamless delivery and installation. Atomic provides detailed installation instructions for every project and is always available for support.

Multi-Stop Logistics, Storage, and Refurbishment.

With our trusted brokers, we coordinate door-to-door delivery from our facility to anywhere in the world. Need to get from one event to another?  We can ensure your project gets to its next destination safely and on schedule – and have a ground team ready to unload and install. Done for the season and don’t have space? We can provide storage solutions and any necessary repairs.

Installation Planning

  • Designed to meet one-time or multi-use needs
  • Professional structural engineering available
  • Permitting assistance

Installation & Assembly

  • 24/7 installation support
  • Atomic assistance onsite or just a phone call away
  • Coordination with local installation teams
  • Detailed unloading and installation instructions provided
  • Onsite technicians provided for more complex installations  

Transportation Planning

  • Door-to-door delivery to warehouses, street drop-offs, festival venues, billboard locations, and anything in-between

Shipping & Freight

  • Over 40 years of cross-country shipping experience
  • Experts at framing, crating, padding, and wrapping  
  • Single or muti-city activations 
  • Multi-stop logistics

Disassembly & Destruction

  • Detailed disassembly and/or destruction instructions provided
  • Coordinate with local disassembly team

Prop Storage & Refurbishment

  • Prop storage at reasonable cost
  • Post event refurbishment options

Maintenance Recommendations

  • Protect your investment
  • Detailed maintenance recommendations available