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Rick and Morty Spaceship

Residents and visitors alike were surprised to find the cartoon characters, Rick and Morty, crash-landed in the Flatiron District of New York one Saturday morning.

These detailed, life-size cartoon replicas helped to create a buzz-worthy photo op. Also included in this scene was a 16’ smoking spaceship, flashing dashboard lighting, carved chunks of pavement and a bus stop seat for those that just wanted to take it all in.

The spaceship was stored after the New York activation and installed at Comic Con San Diego in 2015. Atomic also fabricated a new Rick for the event that matched his updated look. Custom rubble and turf were placed around the spaceship on site. Fans of the show waited hours to get their pic with Rick.

Highlighted Services

Licensed characters are easier to fabricate when the client provides a CGI file. We can program the file onto our CNC mill to carve an exact replica in less time. Atomic’s team of sculptors and scenic painters are still needed to bring each piece to life.