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Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Sierra Mist Living Wall

When all-natural cane sugar sodas were becoming a popular drink in the market, Sierra Mist wanted a Los Angeles billboard emphasizing the natural goodness of their soda.

The board was designed with the Sierra Mist can as a curved cutout that stood off from the board enough to hide the water lines and plants along the edges. A watering reservoir and pump system was located on the catwalk behind the board, which pumped and misted water on the plants at pre-programmed times to keep the plants alive. A local grower and the outdoor company were trained to continue maintenance of the ivy for the duration of the posting period.

Highlighted Services

Reaching out and doing our homework was important on our first living billboard. Talking with growers helped us select the best plant for this project and develop a maintenance program that would keep the plants alive for the duration of the post.