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OMD for Sagmeister & Walsh

Levi’s Moving Gears

We had a chance to work with one of the most prolific and well-known designers, Stefan Sagmeister, to promote Levis new line of workwear clothing.

The 24 “We Are All Workers” gears were printed to sheet goods, router cut, and then mounted to the mechanics. The gears were programmed to run in 20-second cycles to reveal the message “WE ARE ALL WORKERS”. Design, testing, and programming were an important part of this build and we scheduled in extra time to make sure that we could assemble in-house and test the mechanics before it was installed on site in New York.

Highlighted Services

The Levi’s Gears billboard is one of the first fully mechanical boards of its kind. Each piece was dependent on one another to make the board function properly. Our craftsmen determined that a combination of sensors, bike chains and motors would be the best solution to driving the synchronized movement of the gears.