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RSP Dreambox

Olympus Global Wall

RSP Dreambox reached out to us with the goal to create two display walls in the new Olympus headquarters that would highlight Olympus locations and history.

The challenge was to source black walnut panels to match the materials used throughout the building. Once the black walnut panels were sourced we machined them with the design and started the installation of fiber-optic lighting. For the Global wall, the lighting pattern was designed to showcase the many worldwide locations of Olympus. The Media Wall also utilizes black walnut panels and incorporates a video screen that highlights the latest achievements of Olympus.

Highlighted Services

Doing research and testing was an important part of this job. We have many artists that work with wood but black walnut was new to us. Learning about the wood and how best to inscribe the copy and stain it was important to get it right the first time.