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Vince Gaffney Productions

McDonald’s McWrap

When Vince Gaffney Productions approached Atomic Props with the goal of creating a 30’ long McWrap that opened and closed around the ingredients, we knew we had a challenge ahead!

We started off with research and development to determine the best way to fabricate a McWrap reveal. After many drawings and meetings, the steps were in place and production began which included the use of custom designed and tooled mechanics that interfaced with state of the art programmed electronics.

A temporary frame was created on the side of our building so that we could test the finished product and tweak the movement prior to shipping and installing on site. Once installation was complete the McWrap would roll and reveal every 30 seconds.

Highlighted Services

When a project includes movement on this large scale, it requires a lot of upfront design and research and development to create a successful project. Just as important is time to do in house testing. A temporary wall was created to make sure all elements are working as expected prior to installation.