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GAP T-Shirt

GAP’s “Be Your Own T” campaign inspired consumers to convey their individual style and to promote updated t-shirt styles and colors.

T-shirts come in many different sizes and colors and so did our GAP “T” props.

The props ranged in size from a 26 T-shirt display to one of 274 T’s. All of the “T”s used real GAP t-shirts to cover the display. 13 Storefronts and 11 billboards in 10 markets had a “T” installation.

Highlighted Services

Most of the time, using regular sized products do not scale correctly when applied to a billboard or large display. This is because the product is often too small to be seen at a distance or the size does not match the client’s artwork. Gap’s range is t-shirt sizes made it possible to create displays visible on billboards and in storefronts. Extra space and extra workers were needed to complete this project. Friends and family stepped in to help fit t-shirts with a form so that our team could then build out the final displays.