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Aspen Institute

Herbert Bayer Globe

The original globe by Herbert Bayer was installed at the MOMA in 1943. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Herbert Bayer’s World Geo-Graphic Atlas, the Aspen Institute commissioned Atomic to fabricate a replica of the infamous globe. 8’ in diameter, this inverted globe hangs from the ceiling, so people can walk underneath it, and stand inside it. We created a wooden frame for the globe shape with fiberglassed panels, and graphic wrapped the inside with a custom-designed world map.

From the Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies:

“A highlight of this installation will be a recreation of Herbert Bayer’s “Outside-In Globe” originally erected in 1943 for his exhibition Airways to Peace: An Exhibition of Geography for the Future created for the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The original 13-foot globe transferred the countries and bodies of water of the earth from the exterior – as was typically presented – to the interior of the sphere.  This allowed the viewer, standing inside the globe, to see a greater proportion of the earth’s surface and to observe the spatial relationships that were not understood in a two-dimensional map.  Bayer’s globe also emphasized the importance of air travel in the strategy of World War II and the vision of peace to come. The new 8-foot version, to be suspended from the Isaacson room ceiling, will represent an updated map and allow the viewer to be immersed within it.”


Behold! The Herbert Bayer Globe! 🌎 We had the honor of fabricating an 8-foot replica of the original Globe from Herbert Bayer’s “World Geo-Graphic Atlas” exhibition at the MOMA in the mid 1950’s. This “outside-in” globe transferred the exterior map onto the interior of the sphere, allowing the viewer standing inside the globe to see a greater proportion of the earths surface and to observe the spatial relationships that were not understood in a two dimensional map. This body of work “Concept of a Visualist: Herbert Bayer’s World Geo-Graphic Atlas” is currently on display at the Aspen Institute. . . . . . . . . . . . #atomicprops #customfabrication #worldatlas #mueseum #mueseumquality #experientialinstallation #experiential #experientialexhibitions #aspencolorado #aspeninstitute #herbertbayer #herbertbayerbauhaus #herbertbayerexhibition #globe #fyp

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