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BBDO - Atlanta

AT&T Crashed Car and Basketball

Any time a client asks us to smash a car for their project, we’re in! As the major sponsor of the NCAA Final Four, AT&T decided to have some fun while drawing attention to the event.

A wall scape in downtown Dallas received the graphic of a college player making a slam dunk. Beneath the image was a parked car with that ball resting on the roof. Fabrication included purchasing a used car, creating a steel form to use in “accurately” smashing the gutted car. The custom-made 7’ basketball was carved and wrapped in printed vinyl and attached on top of the car.

Highlighted Services

Tastefully smashing a car is a difficult and well thought out process. The dent in the top of the car had to be the perfect size to hold the basketball. We also had to make sure the glass would not shatter into pieces or leave sharp edges.