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Need to Know

Liquid Advertising came to Atomic Props with an opportunity to do the impossible. With less than 5 weeks available to pull off fabrication and installation of the 16’ Titan replica. The Titan is a licensed character in the Final Fantasy video game series. The clients’ goal was to promote the 15th Anniversary of the game with a place based prop and interactive experience for its fans at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All were invited to stand in the hand of the Titan and have a photo taken with an augmented reality camera. Each fan left with a short video clip of their experience that surprisingly had another game character ready to save them from the Titan’s grasp. This event has generated more than 5.5 million impressions online.

Agency: Liquid Advertising
Location: Hollywood, CA

Highlighted Services

All involved in this project brought their “A-game” as communication was imperative with this short timeline. Atomic coordinated with Liquid Advertising for the projects goals, digital files, and daily status. In tandem with Wilkens Media, we integrated placement, permitting and installation for this project.