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Areas of expertise

Immersive Technology, Lighting & Special Effects

Technology Integrations.

At Atomic Props, we are masters at turning static ads into immersive and memorable brand experiences. Billboards, trade shows, transit advertising, and storefronts all benefit from the addition of integrated technology to connect with your audience.

In this fast-paced, digital environment you want the most cutting-edge technology available. We offer virtual reality, augmented reality, custom programming, facial recognition, proximity sensors, audience analytics, social media integration, and IoT-connected props.

Vibrant, Reliable & Energy Efficient LEDs.

When it comes to lighting, LEDs lead the way! They are the most versatile, programmable, and long-lasting option out there. Programmable RGB LEDs offer millions of color and intensity options, and since they’re robust and low voltage, they’re perfect for indoor/outdoor exhibits and displays. Not to mention, they’re 75% more energy efficient than traditional bulbs!

From simple lighting effects such as wash, spot, or backlighting, to flexible LED neon, and programming complex light shows, LEDs offer endless possibilities.

Dazzle & Delight.

From our early days creating live special effects for TV commercials, we’ve always been a leader in producing spectacular moments with simple technology. We transitioned those skills to revolutionize the OOH industry, incorporating effects such as fog, sparks, sound, and motion transforming traditional media into something truly captivating.

In the age of digital and CGI, don’t underestimate the simplicity of practical special effects to enhance your campaign with the amazing and unexpected.