3 Different Ways to Create Day/Night Billboards

Day/Night billboards offer a dynamic solution to static creative that enhances the impact of outdoor advertising.

LED Neon

Billie Eilish x Beat Saber collaboration for Metas Oculus headset 2021

We utilized programmable LED Neon for that iconic retro feel. For an additional layer of interest, each board was faced with a printed scrim, so by day they appeared as traditional boards, but by night – the magic of neon took center stage, bringing Billie and Oculus to life.

Alternate Reading Vinyl

Permanent billboard for Segment 2019

For this permanent Segment billboard, we constructed LED light-boxes to cover the entire face of the structure. Then we used a translucent day/night alternate read vinyl and stretched that over a frame in front of the light boxes to reveal a different background image at night when the lights were turned on. The ‘Segment’ letters were custom LED light-boxes with a drop shadow that had RGB backlighting to allow for color change. The text cabinet had an internet-accessible controller which allowed the client to update the display in real-time.

LED Backlighting

Adult Swims ‘Black Jesus’ 2014

We used LED light boxes to backlight a vinyl scrim which revealed a glowing Black Jesus at night. Backlighting day/night vinyl is an effective way to maximize the impact of outdoor advertising! 

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