Spreading Joy and Giving Back: Leveraging Holiday Marketing for Donations

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program, Google joined forces with Toys for Tots to simplify holiday season donations like never before.

Scan. Shop. Donate.

It’s that easy.

People walking the streets of NYC could easily scan the QR code and either shop for “The Best Toys” or donate to Toys for Tots right there on the spot.

We fabricated custom-made, forced perspective, 3D toys for the wallscape install, complete with a lit Google search bar shelf and audio of a train whistle and dinosaur rawr to grab people’s attention.

To get the forced perspective right, we 3D modeled each of the toys, and CNC foam carved them. We then used fabric, paint, and vinyl to create an accurate representation of each toy. LEDs lit the search bar shelf from within, to create an intriguing nighttime visual.


In celebration of the Toys for Tots 75th anniversary, they partnered with @shopwithgoogle to make giving even easier. We had the opportunity to fabricate a forced perspective 3D build of these fun toys for their campagin! #fyp #toysfortots2022 #toysfortots #ooh #3D #customfabrication #oohmedia #billboardprops #outofhomeadvertising #propshop #forcedperspective #3dprinting #google #googleshoppingads

♬ Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

Watch these toys come to life in this adorable video Google made for social media.

Seasonal advertising campaigns can be highly effective in boosting sales and brand awareness, but they require careful planning and execution to make the most of the limited time window associated with each season or holiday. Staying creative, relevant, and in tune with your target audience’s preferences and behaviors is important.

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