Pro Tip: Advertise with OOH During the Super Bowl

We’ve all heard it before, “I only watch the Super Bowl for the Ads”… and while it would seem counterintuitive to use Out Of Home Advertising during the Super Bowl, it seems pretty obvious to advertise in the city that the whole nation is watching!

Our client Opendoor saw this opportunity leading up to the big game and seized it in a BIG way! Knowing the best way to reach their audience is to meet them where they are – out of home – and with thousands of people traveling to Arizona for the Super Bowl Experience, they chose a prime location in the heart of Phoenix.

The existing billboard structure
Opendoor billboard in Phoenix, Arizona for Super Bowl LVII (2023)

Attendees traveling from the airport to the stadium will be awestruck by this billboard transformation. Atomic helped convert this billboard into an enormous real estate yard sign using custom extensions above the board, extending the vinyl past the frame and disguising the existing support column, which is visible from both Interstate 17 and Highway 60.

This billboard is sandwiched between Interstate 17 & Highway 60 in Phoenix, AZ (photo credit: Fotofetch)

OOH advertising has many advantages over Super Bowl TV ads: they gain both local and national reach; they create memorable impressions, and they maximize brand exposure.

Not to mention, they are far more cost-effective! A one-time, thirty-second TV ad during the Super Bowl will run you upwards of $6.5 Million. Or you could take that budget and put it into a traditional OOH campaign in dozens of the top US markets, which could reach 10x the audience in just 4 weeks instead.

Are you ready for your next OOH campaign to have a massive presence?!

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