How Kraken Embraced the Mythical Lore: Tentacle-Powered OOH Advertising

Ever wonder where Kraken Rum got its name?

According to legend, a ship carrying spiced rum was attacked by an unknown sea beast, The Kraken, and its crew vanished. Only one rum barrel survived, stained by the beast’s ink, and it’s now revered as “The Kraken® Rum,” known for its unique flavor and darkness.

Kraken has leveraged this legend for impactful OOH marketing campaigns. See how a little 3D can go a long way with two of our favorite Kraken campaigns.

Kraken Transit Shelter

3D Render

Be careful where you sit so you’re not grabbed up by the Kraken! This custom foam-carved shelter topper and custom bench make it feel like you are about to be snatched into the deep black sea while waiting for the next bus.

We appreciate how the 3D elements seamlessly connect with the 2D graphics to make this transit shelter ad even more dynamic!

Kraken Wallscape

We loved how these wallscape ads incorporated the existing windows, creating thrilling scenes of people being snatched by the Kraken!

Simply put, the tentacle was foam-carved and painted. But the mannequins were another story! We sawed the limbs of the mannequins off to reattach and dress them in these expressive poses, which created a realistic look.

This was another brilliant use of integrating 3D elements into 2D graphics, to create a commanding effect that leaves a significant and lasting impression.

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