Billboard Lighting for A Dynamic Day/Night Effect

In 2019, Segment wanted to create a unique billboard that looked dramatically different during the day than it did at night. Our favorite way to elevate traditional billboards is to use special effect lighting, and we engineered this billboard to change with the time of day.

The result?

A cool billboard that keeps grabbing your attention, whether it’s daytime or nighttime!

Daytime vs Nighttime creative

We Covered the Billboard in Light Boxes

To make room for all of the lights needed to pull off this look, we constructed LED light boxes that covered the entire face of the billboard structure which was 29’ tall x 61’ long.  At night, these LED strips would shine through the translucent vinyl to create a new look on the billboard.

Used Day/Night Vinyl

We stretched a translucent day/night alternate read vinyl over a frame in front of the light boxes that revealed a different background image at night when the lights were turned on.

Day/Night Vinyl with a Dual-layer Design:
Day/night vinyl is a two-layered material with different properties. The first layer, or the “day” layer, is lighter in color and designed to be effective in broad daylight when there’s plenty of natural light. The second layer, the “night” layer is darker in both print color and when illuminated. The printed features are geometrically similar, notice the bridge, trees, water, and rocks don’t change but the nighttime colors are dark purple and gray, compared to the light blues and greens in the daytime vinyl.

Created Custom Letter Light Boxes

We then fabricated 7, three-dimensional LED light boxes that spelled out the word “Segment,” in CNC-cut metal letters. We used RGB LED’s to backlight the drop shadow which created more dimension and allowed for 16.5 million color change options!

Made Scenic Flat Cut Outs

Scenic flat cutouts were attached in front of the vinyl background to provide additional depth.

And Added a Text Cabinet

The text cabinet on the lower right side was internet accessible, paired with a controller that allowed the client to update the display in real time and stay current with it’s messaging to those going by on I-80.

Watch it All Come Together Here

The Installation Process, San Fransisco, 2019

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