5 Tips For Using Location To Your Advantage In OOH Advertising

If you haven’t seen the plethora of articles written about the Renaissance of Out-of-Home Advertising, OOH has had a resurgence in popularity. The means of connecting brands to consumers are more diverse than ever. But more diversity means more work upfront to ensure your message will be delivered to the intended audience. Here are our top 5 tips for using location to maximize your OOH campaign.

1.  Pick an iconic location to make a big impression.

Location is one of the biggest ingredients in determining the success of a campaign – and often underutilized. Densely populated areas, like Sunset Strip and Times Square, are the quintessential OOH Advertising locations. These are great locations for many brands but it’s not a one size fits all solution. Brands need to pick locations convenient to their target audience to maximize their campaign success.

There are iconic advertising spots in every state across the country. This billboard location has displayed spectaculars for the past 20 years! Including the ever-popular, retro Yahoo! billboard. It is also one of the last boards in the San Francisco area that allows embellishments.

Segment is a San Francisco based software company, so incorporating technology into this build was a no brainer. The postcard theme is Segment’s way of paying homage to San Francisco, a town they love.

  • We used a new printing technology to create the day/night color change effect.
  • The 3D ‘Segment’ letters are LED lightboxes that has over 16.5 million color options to change the look of their name.
  • LED reader box allows for messages to be changed in a few clicks.

2. Surprise! Let the creative become part of the location.

An advertisement that can take advantage of its’ location by interacting with the environment is a double winner! Using 3D props in tandem with 2D advertisements is just one way to make pedestrians take a second look in this otherwise dull downtown parking lot.  A walk to work can become a happy and memorable event.

3. Pick a location convenient for your target audience.

Go to where your audience is! If they happen to be on spring break, take the message on vacation, too.  This takes some studying to know your audience, but the rewards can be A+. Naked Turtle Rum reached their target audience by bringing a classic drinking game to spring breakers on the beach creating a very positive interaction with the brand.

Turtle Rum

4. Pick a location that will disrupt the status quo.

We all expect our day to go a certain way. And when it doesn’t it can be frustrating or it can be surprisingly entertaining and photo-worthy. In this high-profile location, commuters were not expecting more than the usual traffic jams. This ax for World of Warcraft magically appeared before the busy New York morning commute. Because the activation was so impressive and disruptive, it grabbed the attention of those who were unfamiliar with the brand and strengthened the connection with those who already love the game.  News of the activation quickly became a syndicated headline.

5. Pick a location that allows interaction with your customers. 

Giving your brand as much positive face-time as possible with their customer is a good thing for the bottom line. For this video game client, Blizzcon, a massive gaming conference in California was a perfect fit. Gamers know their game characters well and Probius was no exception. This usually animated character was given a 3-D life when he was fabricated to interact with fans. Fit with lights, sound, remote control, and a live streaming device gave fans time to get to know Probius off-screen. This prop was instantly recognized by all at the event because of the perfect location choice.

We hope these tips will help you when choosing a location for your next campaign! Remember that location is just as important as the message you have to share.

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