2024 Experiential Marketing Trends

AR/VR | Personalized Experiences | Interactive Video

Pro Tip: Use these 3 components to stand out in 2024:

Evoke positive emotions and create a sense of familiarity with your audience.

Deliberately incorporate surprising & unconventional elements to capture the audience’s attention.

The quirkier the better! Consumers crave humor and creativity when it comes to brand messaging.

The goal is to make your experiences worthy of sharing on social to maximize your brand’s exposure. Each example below allows consumers to create UGC while interacting with your brand – a photo op, a video on Snapchat, or leaving with a customized gif!

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Google Pixel + T-Mobile created an immersive AR art gallery fan experience at Lollapalooza. Playing on nostalgia, this gallery brought years of Lolla history to life through iconic posters from over the years with brilliant 3D motion which immersed its users in art. Using Snapchat QR codes to launch this AR experience left users with plenty of content to add to their socials.

Personalized Experiences

Coke took personalization to a new level at the FIFA World Cup Trophy tour! When two people sat together in this oversized chair and pushed the button, cans of Coke with their names on them would pop out of the refrigerated arm of the chair! Fans were surprised by the unexpectedness of having their names on the can, and Coke used that moment to create content for their brand that showed how much joy can come from sharing a Coke.

Interactive Video

You don’t see this every day! To promote the 15th Anniversary of the game Final Fantasy, we built an absurdly large place-based prop and interactive experience for fans on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All were invited to stand in the hand of the Titan and have a photo taken with an augmented reality camera. Each fan left with a short video clip of their experience that surprisingly had another game character ready to save them from the Titan’s grasp. This event has generated more than 5.5 million impressions online.

Social media plays an integral part in your experiential marketing, offering a platform to extend the reach of your campaigns, engage with your audience, and leverage the power of user-generated content!

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