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Need to Know

Netflix is now a powerhouse releasing brilliant original series. Generating awesome content also means their advertisements need to be just as exciting. To promote season two of Narcos, a story about a drug kingpin, we worked with Netflix to fabricate 7 custom bus shelter inserts. Each shelter housed 2 million dollars in fake bills and the top stacks were singed to match the copy on the shelter. Each insert had lighting and the money was arranged prior to shipment to make install an easy process. The unexpected happened after installation, the money was stolen from one of the shelters and the outer glass was shattered at another location. Netflix turned the mishap into a great PR stunt by placing a ransom note in place for the stolen cash.

Location: Los Angeles, New York

Highlighted Services

This project was fabricated on a short timeline which required maximum efficiency from our team of craftsmen. Our shop manager and sales director kept the project on a streamlined path to ensure we would meet the client’s post date.